Imaging the Human Biofield: See Yourself in a New Light

Current medical science is just beginning to explore the electric nature of the human body. Zhang has called the BIOFIELD the “electromagnetic body” and described it to be a complex, ultraweak field of chaotic standing waves, a dissipative structure of electromagnetic fields that forms the energetic anatomic structures including the chakras and acupuncture meridians (Zhang, 1995, 1996).1  Dr. Thornton Streeter refers to the Biofield as the “Human Atmosphere.” I came to learn of the Biofield Viewer imaging system/software when in the research and implementation phases of our MagnaPuncture™ system (patent pending).

Since 2012 Dr Thornton Streeter has collaborated with John Catchpole to develop a subtle energy imaging system, the Biofield Viewer.  Biofield Viewer (BFV) is a digital imaging system that reveals light interference patterns between a controlled lighting environment and the human biofield.  Dr. Streeter has been an advocate of personalized solution-based medicine.  Dr Thornton Streeter has trained over 10,000 practitioners worldwide at over 2,000 software installations of BFV.  Biofield Viewer is NOT Kirlian, aura or thermographic photography.  No electric charge is placed on the body or object as in Kirlian. The pictures are not indirectly composed from measured potentials on the fingers for example.  Also, the pictures are not affected by temperature shifts in the room (as in thermography).  Although, all of these do demonstrate energetic facets of the human biofield in their own way.   Streeter and Catchpole also recognize the research of Dr. F. A. Popp on biophotonics emissions in living systems.Professor Popp showed that DNA in living cells holds and releases photons creating “biophotonic emissions” which may hold unique insight to illness and health.  Biophoton emission (BPE) refers to the phenomenon of ongoing and spontaneous emission of light from all biological systems including humans due to metabolic activities, without provoking excitation or enhancement.

We at Absolute Wellness have invested in the Biofield Viewer system to:

  • Visualize progress of treatment regimens
  • Gain new insight on chronic issues/perpetuating factors.
  • Realize how the biofield extends beyond your physical boundaries.
  • Explore possible physio-emotional connections to imbalance/health

Dr. Streeter remains a ready resource, and is impressed with our early pictures and video captures.


Let’s show you a couple of examples of our early illustrations with the Biofield Viewer.  The first pair of pictures is the upper right back with the curve of the shoulder visible.  The Biofield Viewer screen feed was fed to Camtasia™ for video capture and subsequent analysis.   Red lines/ovals show energy pooling where potential symptoms may set up, in this case some upper back/neck shoulder pain.  Illustrated in the picture to the right, is an immediate energetic shift with MagnaPuncture™ treatment, which reflected lasting pain abatement post-treatment.  Per a news brief we shared a couple months ago in this very magazine, MagnaPuncture is acupuncture enhanced with frequency based magnetics, sound and light around the acupuncture points/needles.

Figure 1: A=pain area showing energy pooling/shielding

C= the A area just needled immediately responding with favorable color change

In this pair showing a male patient with sinus and respiratory based allergies, we show pictures before and after Bio-Electric DDS on the Biofield Viewer.  DDS uses micro-current directly through the practitioner’s hands.  In this case the Yangming (LU/LI) meridians of the arm and the sinuses are energized by DDS current.  You can see the representative shift from predominant red to added blue and green regions representing improvement of the condition.

TextFigure 2a: D reflects energy pooling in LU/LI meridians,
E reflects pooling in the chest.  Both reflect allergy symptoms.

TextFigure 2b: AFTER Bio-Electric DDS on sinuses and LU/LI of arms, F reflects energy moving, G is major reduction in (red) pooling.  Symptoms greatly improved.

We look forward to showing you more Biofield Viewer images next month along with our unique modalities and resources.  Respectfully, Dr. Greg Bartosiewicz, (561) 676-8263

1Schipke, Streeter, and McKusick in The Human Biofield  citeJ Nature 17:275–281.
Zhang, C.L. 1996. Standing wave, meridians and collaterals, coherent electromagnetic field and holistic thinking in Chinese Traditional Medicine [in Chinese]. J Yunnan Coll Trad Med 19:27–30.


Last month we introduced you to the concept of a subtle energy field present around each of us, the Biofield. The Human Biofield is now visible via the Biofield Viewer system, reproducibly imaging subtle energetic structures of the human body.  We are successfully showing positive effects of our treatments including MagnaPuncture™/Acupuncture and Bio-Electric DDS.We debuted MagnaPuncture™ in this magazine a few months ago.  This system utilizes magnetic fields to tune and amplify acupuncture treatments.  The MagnaPuncture™ system also employs acoustic vibration (sound), and synchronized LED’s.

“Nancy” presented when she was recovering from a digestive invasion.  She had some residual digestive issues in her epigastric area (between the navel and ribs), as well as next tension.  She discussed an emerging and evolving process of expressing and knowing herself.  She had recently traveled to Mexico to her original home where parental communication and her concepts of home were historically an issue.  Upon pulse inspection and Biofield Viewer imaging, it was clear we could improve the energetics of more than the solar plexus.  Upon completion of the MagnaPuncture™ treatment, she expressed that the”weight of the world had been removed from her shoulders”, along with digestive improvement.  We can see the improvement in Nancy’s neck and throat, and that her third eye was also energized.  (Nancy is historically intuitive and open to the connection of her emotional state to physical balance.)  The before (A, B, & C) are in stark contrast of improvement to D, E, and F. The energetic flow improvement shown in the images is parallel to the positive and lasting symptom relief.

Before MagnaPuncture: note red pooling (C), shielding in the “3rdEye”(A)& Throat (B)

After MagnaPuncture: see the positive color shifts in the “3rdEye”(D), Throat (E), and Neck(F)

“Tabitha” presented with asthmatic symptoms, and neck/back issues from historical whiplash of car accident, as well as the stress evident to her adrenal system.  Tabitha is a multi-tasking, successful business-person and mom.  (The pulse showed the adrenal’s symptomatic reaction.)  She sought respiratory improvements, neck mobility improvement and relaxation.  BeforeMagnaPuncture™, the Biofield Viewer images show red shielding/pooling of the throat, heart and solar plexus chakras.  After MagnaPuncture™, there is major reduction in overall red pixilation, evident as improved flow in all three energy centers.Neck pain is greatly reduced, respiration improved, and a shift into parasympathetic (relaxation) state is achieved.See the front picture including from neck to solar plexus.

Before MagnaPuncture: Note red pooling in
Throat (G), Heart (H), and Solar Plexus (J) Chakras

After MagnaPuncture: Note positive color shifts in the Throat (K), Heart (M), and Solar Plexus (N)

Many patients present with structural challenges at our practice.  Low back, including piriformis, issues are not uncommon.  “Sally” presented as an active woman in her seventies.  Pulse and tongue show signs of qi and xue stagnation.  The right low back, gluteal area and leg presented with pain.  The Biofield Viewer shows the red pooling/shielding that is spurred by the reduced energy of the impinged piriformis.  MagnaPuncture™ of the lumbosacral area, along with ah-shi acupuncture of the piriformis, gluteus medius, etc., produced a major reduction in red pixlyation of shielding/pooling.  Please see the posterior right leg pictures  from glute to popliteal knee (fold).

Pre-MagnaPuncture™: Note Redpooled and marbled distributions (P) concurrent with pain, lack of mobility

PostMagnaPuncture™: Reduced red areas (Q), parallel to major pain reduction, improved mobility.  Prominent shifts into blue and green…

Thank you for viewing our content.   We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your health and energy-balance goals.  Dr. Greg Bartosiewicz, Acupuncture Physician (AP2305),, (561) 676-8263